Viking Fused Glass


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  • Amanda

    Hi, Nice stuff u got here

    • vikinglass


  • Ann

    Love your glass

    • vikinglass

      Thank You

  • Yvonne

    Love the custom work you do. The window corner peices brighten up my whole room and when the sun shines the corner peices just sparkle.

    • vikinglass

      Very happy you like your custom pieces.

  • Mackenzie

    Nice looking website and great glass items. Can’t wait to see all the different things you can make!

    • vikinglass

      Stay tuned. We have lots of new ideas.

  • Yne

    Wauw, I like your pieces and website. Too bad we cannot go to ‘Make it Edmonton’ to see your work. It’s too far from Holland.

    • vikinglass

      Thank you, We wish you would be able to come to Make It Edmonton, also.

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